Gale Hagblom is a Canadian painter currently residing in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University in 2008. Her paintings interpret nature while considering other worldly and human responses. Because of her background as a graphic designer, Hagblom notices line, shape and colour; the meaning of symbols, and the elements they communicate. She is interested in creating work that will have an effect beyond observation, that will develop into meaningful conversation by engaging the viewer, and lingering with them from time to time. Hagblom interprets, abstracts and sublimates to unveil and explore the familiar. She employs a variety of painterly techniques that are underpinned with translucent or opaque layers of paint that reveal hints of what lies beneath.

Hagblom maintains a professional studio practice and features her work in group or individual exhibitions.  In tandem with her art practice, she also works as a Municipal Planning Consultant for regional municipalities.